Hero. Patriot. Man of God.

In The Media

Jesse was featured in “Our First Christmas without Jesse” in the December 2005 Guideposts magazine and “Letting Go of Jesse” in the February 2007 issue of In Touch magazine.

This CNN special aired in 2007. On the morning of January 26, 2005, a Marine convoy raced into the Sunni stronghold of Haqlaniya, where the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit was pursuing an insurgent leader into a part of Iraq that was under insurgent control. As the Marines left their raid location, they were enveloped by an ambush. Four Marines, members of Charlie Company, were killed. Ambush at the River of Secrets pays tribute to the sacrifices of these Marines and the other Americans who have died in Iraq.

This 30 second clip was featured on the February 17, 2005 broadcast of the CBS Evening News; narrated by Dan Rather.

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