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Before he left for Iraq, Jesse put together a list of questions he wanted his father to answer. When he was killed while on patrol five months later, his list took on added significance for his father. In an act of love-and a pathway through his grief-author and minister Nathan Strong began to write.

The result is a poignant acknowledgment of a special father-son relationship and of the faith so important to both of them. The book is a collection of a father's theological observations and life lessons shared with a son who was interested in the world from a spiritual perspective. It covers subjects of interest ranging from prayer, missions, the purpose of life and theology to marriage and family and counseling. Whether Strong is communicating with us about logic and reason or some excellent insider tips on sermons and preaching, we are drawn to his words, his messages, and the joys he shared with Jesse.

With straight-forward, common sense answers to both the basic and the complex, the book is a marvelous resource for young and old alike, for personal enjoyment or in a Bible study format. Thoughts for Jesse: A Father's Tribute is available on amazon.com for $9.99 (plus shipping and handling), and part of the proceeds goes to the Jesse Strong Memorial Scholarship Fund to help other young people pursue a college education.

The book is also available at a lower cost for larger orders for bookstores, Bible study groups, family and friends or churches. For orders of 5 or more, the cost is $7.99/book, shipping and handling included. These orders can be placed using the method below. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

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