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It was the most audacious, overwhelming plan in history - eleven men were commanded to tell the whole world that the Redeemer had come. This proposition is addressed by "Designed for Success" in an evocative new approach - "What did Jesus do with His church?"

This book will radically alter your understanding of the early church and the 2000 year history of this most incredible of human institutions. You will learn:

  • how Jesus prepared His disciples for the job
  • how Jesus jump started the church with 10,000 believers
  • one apostles was chosen for a particular skill set we still use today
  • the early church reached its world in its first generation
  • the amazing potential we have to reach our world in our generation

This informative, inspirational, and challenging book will change the way you view the history of the church and will encourage you as you participate in its future.

This book is ideal supplemental reading for any study of the Book of Acts, church planting or church growth or can be used on its own as a Bible study guide. Share in the author's forty years of experience in the field as you develop your own skills.

The book is also available at a lower cost for larger orders for bookstores, Bible study groups, family and friends or churches. These orders can be placed using the method below. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

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